“African drum, dance, and cultural arts are tools and formulas that can be used for the personal growth and development of the individual, family and community...”


Providing community access to Traditional African Arts is our continuing mission.  We specialize in the making and playing of Traditional African Musical Instruments, while concurrently providing education about Traditional African Culture, and community. The activities and services we offer  promote education, cultural pride, and community building.


Our workshops, lecture demonstrations, and exhibits include:


§        African Drum Making

§        Shekere Making

§        African Dance and Music

§        Traditional African Textile Design


We have facilitated the following Master Classes in How to Play 

 African Musical Instruments:



§       Traditional Ashiko Drumming

Conducted by Baba Taiwo Duval, co-founder of  Drums Of Passion


§        Dundun Drumming(Nigerian Talking Drum)

Conducted by John Okanlawon, Iganna, Nigeria



§        Bata Drumming 

Conducted by "Babangida", Oshogbo, Nigeria


§       Shekere Playing

Conducted by Omomola Iyabunmi, Philadelphia, PA   

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