� African drum, dance, and cultural arts are tools and formulas that can be used for the personal growth and development of the individual, family and community...�

About Us

We are the oldest company in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Northern VA) area to offer over 50+ years of African Drum Services, Sales, Services, and Lessons. We focus on Djembe, Dunun, Shekere, Talking drum, and many other African music traditions.

Our workshops, lecture demonstrations,
and exhibits include:

African Drum Making

Shekere Making

African Dance and Music

Traditional African Textile Design

We have facilitated the following
Master Classes in How to Play African Musical Instruments:

Traditional Ashiko Drumming

Conducted by Baba Taiwo Duval, co-founder of Drums Of Passion

Bata Drumming

Conducted by "Babangida", Oshogbo, Nigeria

Dundun Drumming

Conducted by John Okanlawon, Iganna, Nigeria

Shekere Playing

Conducted by Omomola Iyabunmi, Philadelphia, PA